Certainly, having a job provides you a purpose in life and self-confidence in addition to making you feel wonderful. Through your work, you have the power to alter the world. Isn’t that incredible? With the speed at which technology is developing, each tech enthusiast has a specialty. There are over 26.9 million software developers worldwide, and their roles are further classified according to their areas of interest.

To assist you in identifying your future objectives and in making the best choice for your career, we have compiled a list of some of the highest-paying positions available to software engineers. The top 10 software engineering jobs for 2022 are shown below, along with their salaries, in the tech sector:

1. Full Stack Developer

When it comes to high-paying positions, full-stack developers are among the highest. Instead than focusing on the client-side (frontend) and server-side (backend) separately, full-stack engineers have both talents combined into one. While the backend works with servers, databases, and APIs—that is, how the logic is constructed—the front end is concerned with the user experience, or how the website appears to the user. From conceptual design and coding to the final product implementation. In the upcoming years, full-stack developers and web developers will likely be in high demand. Programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL should be well-versed in and practiced with. Furthermore, it is anticipated that job growth will reach 27% by 2024.

  • Skills Required: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Frameworks, APIs etc.
  • Average Salary in India:  INR 2.4 LPA – 20 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India: $84,903 – $116,504 Per Year

2. Data Scientist 

Top-Paying Software Engineering Paths Revealed
Top-Paying Software Engineering Paths Revealed

Every day, a vast quantity of data is produced by a number of sources, including social networking sites, daily reports, and other sources. Furthermore, processing is a crucial component that ensures correct findings. To get optimal results, the process entails obtaining, evaluating, and presenting data with pertinent details. We take the mixed data as an input, filter it, and then receive the accurate data as an output. In order to work with data, data scientists also employ computer languages like Python and R. They create tests, use statistics, and apply algorithms to enhance services, which helps the company expand. By 2026, LinkedIn projects that the market will have grown to $230.80 billion.

  • Skills Required: Programming, Statistics, Data wrangling, etc.
  • Average Salary in India: INR 4.4 LPA – 25 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India: $71,790 – $130,370 Per Year

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3. Software Architect

To meet all of the client’s needs, whether they be technical or not, a software architect must maintain constant communication with developers and clients. A prototype of the original product is first constructed, showing how the final product will be used while adhering to an optimum development process design. In order to produce the greatest results, a software architect oversees IT specialists, develops software, and maintains product upgrades and maintenance. Prior programming language and technological knowledge, as well as a few years of software development experience, are prerequisites. It has spent the previous four to five years among the top ten in-demand jobs.

  • Skills Required: Programming Languages and DevOps practices, etc.
  • Average Salary in India: INR 13 LPA – 46 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India:  $31,500 – $196,500 Per Year

4. SQA Engineer

A bug-free solution that delivers optimal quality, meets customer expectations, and streamlines the software development process is considered successful. An engineer responsible for quality assurance handles these aspects. The person who puts together the final product satisfies the specifications, evaluates the risks, and verifies the software’s updates and quality. A quality assurance engineer manages a product’s technical aspects and guarantees pertinent and valuable input. To work as a quality assurance engineer, one must need a bachelor’s degree in computer science. By the end of this year, 1 lakh additional jobs could potentially be created, according to one estimate.

  • Skills Required: Testing, Technology, Maths, etc.
  • Average Salary in India: INR 4 LPA -14 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India: $77,710 – $128,960 Per Year

5. Android Engineer/Developer

Implementing Android apps, which come in three stages: design, development, and testing, is the responsibility of an Android developer. Finding and utilizing new technology is his or her primary responsibility. The application’s dependability and efficiency depend on unit testing. Android Developer keeps an eye on how well running apps operate and tweaks the code to find effective solutions. An android developer offers support, maintenance, application optimization, test and automation, and other services. Furthermore, employment prospects in this field are expected to reach almost 135,000 by 2024.

  • Skills Required: Mobile App platforms, Web Development, UI/UX, etc.
  • Average Salary in India: INR 4 LPA – 12 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India: $90,000 – $130,500 Per Year

6. DevOps Engineer

Top-Paying Software Engineering Paths Revealed
Top-Paying Software Engineering Paths Revealed

The relationship between the business, software team, and IT is the responsibility of the DevOps (Development Operations) engineer. Encouraging automation is a DevOps Engineer’s primary duty. They automate or integrate current software using code. Perl, Python, and JavaScript are a few common scripting languages that DevOps professionals should understand. Additionally, one should be well knowledgeable about automation and testing. The phrases “continuous delivery” and “continuous integration” should be understood. In the last five years, the market has increased to 40–45%, and it will continue to grow.

  • Skills Required: Coding and Scripting, etc.
  • Average Salary in India: INR 4 LPA – 14 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India: $75,000 – $141,000 Per Year

7. Backend Engineer

The foundation of an application is the responsibility of backend engineers, who hold one of the best paying positions in technology. In order to fulfill user requests, they collaborate with servers, databases, and APIs. They collaborate with designers, product managers, and front-end engineers. A backend developer ought to be familiar with GitHub. Application communication is provided via backend implementation. The field of backend development has grown at a rate of 21% in the last several years.

  • Skills Required: JavaScript, NodeJS, etc.
  • Average Salary in India: INR 4 LPA – 22 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India: $25,000 – $133,500 Per Year

8. Application Security Engineer

The greatest and highest paying positions are those of an application security specialist. Their role is to collaborate with businesses to create cybersecurity policies. They are in charge of guarding the company’s information assets and stopping breaches and data leaks of any type. They go over the company’s cybersecurity policies and the IT department’s protocols in order to do this task. He or she must unquestionably hold a bachelor’s degree in information technology, cybersecurity, or a related field. A person ought to be knowledgeable about data security techniques. In fact, during the following five years, demand will increase by 164%.

  • Skills Required: Ethical Hacking and Network Security, etc.
  • Average Salary in India: INR 5 LPA – 23 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India: $115,000 – $181,000 Per Year

9. Cloud Engineer 

You are unable to store a significant amount of data on servers. Yes, exactly! And here comes “Cloud Engineer” to the rescue. They are the ones who assist business teams in moving from on-premises IT techniques to cloud storage. It involves three stages: development (writing code for the cloud), administration (managing cloud networks), and cloud architecting (designing cloud solutions). Additionally, no information is lost, and the cloud management system is fully updated and safe. prior familiarity with virtualization, storage, and networks. A bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science is required, as well as certifications specific to the cloud. You can see how difficult this career could be given that 94% of organizations use the cloud.

  • Skills Required: Cloud Computing, Networking, Coding, etc.
  • Average Salary in India: INR 3 LPA – 15 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India: $28,416 – $149,000 Per Year

10. Machine Learning Engineer

Systems that automate predictive models are created by machine learning engineers. By learning from previous mistakes, the machine generates, evaluates, and stores data for later use. In addition to handling pattern and picture recognition, they generate the results by drawing data and analyzing it. Proficiency in technology, coding, and maths is advantageous for this position. ML engineers use quick and effective methods to create and test machine learning systems. ML engineers evaluate, organize, and analyze data before implementing the findings to create machine learning models that are high-performing and efficient. Over the last four years, machine learning has increased to 75%, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

  • Skills Required: Mathematics, Data Handling, Neural Networks, etc.
  • Average Salary in India: INR 4 LPA – 22 LPA
  • Average Salary Outside India: $75,043 – $165,000 Per Year

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